Altar | July’s Full Moon Eclipse, for connection & liberation

Altar to honour July’s full moon lunar eclipse in Aquarius

Connect, to integrate

Every piece I have picked up along the way, whether I have noticed, treasured, rejected, reviled, dismissed, ignored or grappled with joyfully or with fear…has made me who I am. It is a tapestry, and it is not only mine.

Because my story is your story
and your story is my story.
– Hannah Gadsby, ‘Nanette’ (paraphrased from memory)

There is a lineage. There is a story. I am weaving a web, this tapestry, co-weaving it with every other soul, past and present.

It lives in my body. 

Empathy, love, compassion. Things that connect one being to another.

Essence of mugwort and of the full moon on Graveyard Beach with witchyqueer friends, essence of swimming in the sea naked with fin, of burying feet with Hannah, of talking with Mim, of laughing with Hele. Essence of our sharings. Mugwort from the path left out under the moon diffused in thick, damp cloud while we slept, later.

Dori Midnight here again, connection-witch with YES liberation.

Each day this moon I will stand at my altar and take this medicine and renew my commitment to liberation, in community. Liberation through connecting with the folks I love and with everything else.

‘No man is an island. May I stop acting like one. May I know my wholeness and may I know it in relation to every living thing, and by this I mean also the things that are dead and the things that are, in some languages, inanimate; rocks, sea, moon, a cup, a glass.

May I express this wholeness through connection, not through isolation. May I show up for the people I love. May I show up for my community. May we coexist and co create. 

May we co-heal.

May we witness each others’ healing. May I bear witness. May I listen. May I hold.

May I be witnessed, heard, held.

May we learn from each other. May your healing inspire mine and mine yours.

May we get free together.

May we do the work to get free, together.

I love you.