Altar | Centring desire, full moon in Taurus

A friend asked me recently,

“What would it look like, to centre desire?”

I couldn’t answer.

Tonight under the full moon in Taurus, I tried to connect, deeply, to that question.
But how do I know what my desire is,
how it feels?

I ask my body.

Meditation, long and soothing.

Wake up singing
(in Welsh!)

Singing and singing.

I want to paint.
India inks.
Brushes. Water.

A friend, my coven-sister, brings me freshly-foraged mushrooms, shaggy inkcaps. Stand them in a bowl for a few hours, and the lush, dark, umber ink seeps out, invites the brush.

I paint the moon
over and over.

I make tea. Light candles. Draw cards.

The Goddess of Moons.
The Four of Stones.

Desire is always within me.
It speaks to me. Longs to speak through me.

Can I listen?

Can I learn to listen?

“What would it look like, to centre desire?”

Cards shown are from the Solar Wanderer’s Tarot by Casey Zabala.