a head start

i breathed
with him barely
sipping the pale air Read more

the boat

on windy days the sea-wives would be busy with the boats. Read more

bone stories

oh, i could tell it so many ways. Read more

the port

the woman brushed the wet sand from her dress. the pair walked on in silence Read more

women throwing things into fires

on any given night
whether the moon be bright
and fat
or a shadow of herself Read more

baba yaga’s hut

they come to me for the stupidest things.
/ Read more

the landing

branta came that night. paddled right up beside her in a tree-trunk canoe, offering a name. Read more


i dreamed my name

i dreamed my mother

i dreamed i was a rotting log Read more


do not underestimate
the space i will claim. Read more

The Story of the Nether Largie Stanes

“Mooooooon!” Earth would call up into the darkness. “Gealllaaaach! Come down here and talk with me, for I long for a sister who understands me, and I feel you could be the one.” Read more

At last

we are drunk for the first time
in the foothills
of cadair idris
fresh out of school where for five years they called us lemons
and dykes. Read more

Untitled (Mother)

sea, ever changing, ever constant.
what do you know about mother?

you cannot know mother. Read more


it is the day the spiders hatched. Read more

“tell the story of a scar”

he had always been gifted at sports of all kinds / Read more

the fog

the woman walked south
along the high cliff path Read more

my house will have no sign

you will not find it by name or number. Read more

the dance

one day the woman awoke
feeling strange. Read more

the woman

once there was a woman who lived alone Read more

the sea-wives

«mother doesn’t give a shit.» Read more

the spider

the woman remembered
the swivel of shod hooves on the dusty road,
and running. Read more

You are the tiny person, the cupped hand, and every moon

Linoprint and birthday poem for Em Read more


once more with feeling:

[bellowing] you do not have to be good Read more

self-portrait with ghost

they hadn’t spoken in 40 years. Read more