Bits & Bobs

My newsletter is my personal connection to friends and followers.

‘Bits & Bobs’ is a personal, occasional newsletter filled with photos and ideas, humour and angst, and topics such as…

  • Personal spiritual practice
  • The intersections of spirituality and social justice
  • A life less online (the struggle is real!)
  • What does it mean to live a creative life?
  • Connection and community (that’s you!)
  • First glimpses of new projects
  • Invitations to collaborate
  • Progressive, queer, feminist politics
  • Inspiration from around the web

..and more.

Hop on!

Bits & Bobs began years ago, as part of the Little Red Tarot Blog. An expression of my gratitude and love for my community, this newsletter has always been a favourite part of my working week.

I continue it now with joy and gratitude,
inviting you to join me in intimate, real-life conversation.