Liberation spell

a spell for liberation
in 2019

6th January, full moon in Capricorn

I lay down

…the expectation to have Right Answers

…the expectation to fill roles
not given to me by myself

…the need to be
what my family would prefer

and all of the shoulds
all of the false duties
piling on more
filling every empty space

…that admiration means the ‘should’ of self-doubt
and imitation

…and all of the guilt and shame
i have carried for so long

it will not make my decisions any more.

I carry forward with me

…an embodied sense of my own YES (and no)
…the knowledge that i am powerful
am an artist
am a witch
am an activist

am whole

am enough.

i carry forward my magic, my creativity, my power
my emerging voice
the one that rings so true
even when it shakes

because when i own that voice
that truth
i live my life
i am whole
it is not always comfortable, or nice
but it is authentic
it is real
it is me.

there is no other way.


is life
without shame.


is knowing
in our bodies
that we are enough.

I commit myself to

…showing up whole
and true
and allowing others to show up whole
honest, and true.

permission for my self
is permission for the collective
for the species
for all of us

permission for all of us
is permission for me.

I acknowledge my guilt and shame
– I welcome their teachings
so that I can move beyond,

so that we all can.

Lineage: This spell was written in community with loved ones, while listening to adrienne maree brown’s spell-creating piece on the Healing Justice podcast: New Years Practice: Cast a spell with adrienne maree brown