Altar | Imbolc, new moon, first shoots of spring

Lunar Imbolc, new moon in Aquarius

May I allow what is incubating within me
the time and space
to come forth slowly,
in its own way.

May I observe with love
and without judgement
any young and eager shoots that show their tips, their green
in early, early spring.

May I surrender to the utter organic-ness of this moment of early growth and feel gratitude for the clues that come.

May I love what does
and doesn’t come.
Not forcing anything, not leaping on tender sprouts
proclaiming what they will or will not be.

May I tend to my cauldron, stirring gently winter’s mysterious brew.

May I sit with my midwinter intentions.

May I nourish this soil with these intentions.

And may I use these last precious weeks of the deep dark
to ground in and meditate on the year I am creating, the garden I wish to grow. So that when spring is truly leaping forth
– so soon, it will be (too soon, it feels to me) –
I will be ready to plan my garden.