Altar | Imbolc, dawn, full blue moon

I am emerging.

Altar, 1st February. Imbolc, dawn, full blue moon in Leo

Rosemary, for clarity, for remembering. For a clear head. YES Liberation (for this is the goal.)

Wren, fearlessly speaking her truth, a tiny bird, so aware of her voice and its power. The Rising Moon, illuminating, unhiding. Still high in the sky as the first blue light of dawn begins to break, windy, wet, her light gleams through, silver, unapologetic. Feather, found in the field, a red kite, maybe.

I potted up a willow sapling, a gift from a new friend,
watered her with a little comfrey juice
and water from a jar
collected last night
at the full moon gathering
at Kirsten’s
where each of us brought water
from our own separate lives
poured it together into one
blessed it with our intentions
hopes, dreams, wishes,
and brought away
a very different jar-full.
A jar filled with our collective magic.
I feed this to my willow now
an offering.

Willow and her water are my intuition and my connection. The deep-rooted knowledge within me, the quickening, the bursting forth.


Whatever I will communicate
will come from this place. I will clear my mind with feathers and rosemary
earth becoming air
I will learn to speak
this moonless month, this cross-quarter
but my source will be
must be
this place of connection
of water, shadow, grief
love and healing.

Brigid is here. The alchemist. No more people pleasing. ‘Sweet virgin’, ‘fair maiden’, the church sanitised your name. But I will honour you magic
your metalwork
your music
your fire.

And mine.

My notebook and my pen are here
For what might emerge from January’s darkness. This moment is a pause
before the quickening of the year.

I’ll burn this meadowsweet and mugwort, incense I made last August, a homecoming gift to myself. Let the smoke cleanse the house, and I will spring clean today.

I am emerging.

Decks shown in this post are the Green Wheel Oracle by Danielle Barlow and the Dark Goddess Tarot by Ellen Lorenzi Prince. Other links: YES Liberation witchcrafted by Dori Midnight. Willow lore from Glennie Kindred.