Me & White Supremacy: A manifesto for beginning the work

I belong to a small group of friends working through Layla Saad’s Me & White Supremacy. Here is my intention for this work.

Altar | Calan Gaeaf, reaching for the Moon

The Witch of Wands reaches up to the Moon. Her fire is her signal, an invitation to magic. She stands tall, reaching high.

Untitled (Mother)

What does Mother
have to do with

The Story of the Nether Largie Stanes

“Mooooooon!” Earth would call up into the darkness. “Gealllaaaach! Come down here and talk with me, for I long for a sister who understands me, and I feel you could be the one.”

‘Mystery’, or, The Fucking Feminine

For the full moon in Pisces.

Feed the soil, not the plant

Creating and supporting healthy, diverse, nourishing conditions for my business to grow in.

Then I danced

Twenty seconds in the wave came up through my body
I was sobbing
moved through it
breathed through it

I threw the weirdest shapes
got out of my head
let my body lead


This month I am experimenting with:
* Overcoming nice girl conditioning
* DESIRE / dance
* Zero fucks

Altar | Full moon, lunar eclipse, the spaces between structure & freedom

the space between/
balance of/
shift back and forth between
structure and freedom. commitment and spontaneity.
Doing the work, seeing it through, and still being open to what’s new and exciting.

Altar | Summer Solstice, showing up for desire is a daily practice

An altar to witness my commitment to self in an anxious, stuck-feeling moment.

Defining Capitalism

Literally, we are having our ‘selves’ sold back to us.

Moon stones oracle

a reminder of
constant flux, and you
a seed
a planet
an ocean
a husk
they are waymarkers on your path

Altar | Imbolc, new moon, first shoots of spring

May I allow what is incubating within me
the time and space
to come forth slowly,
in its own way.

Wheel of Moons

A poster to celebrate the full and new moons of the wheel of the year in 2019.

Liberation spell


is life
without shame.


is knowing
in our bodies
that we are enough.

Tarot & Altar | New year, new year

Keep it spacious, grounded in intention and mystery, and led by desire.

Tarot | Seeds of 2019

It is midwinter. The trees are bare, there is little green among the greys and the browns.
There are seeds, hidden, unseen, in the cold, damp earth.

Altar | Winter Solstice. Process, Pause.

Let us be here, now, in this moment. Nothing more.

Let us be present.

Email vs doing my own thing

Nothing so scary or vulnerable as taking hold of my own life, its minutes, its days, and forging my own path.

Slow Commerce

Loving my work and getting properly paid is the only way I know to run a sustainable business.

Because the world owes me nothing

In response to this, I made this. Lyrics to Joyful Girl, by Ani DiFranco (1996).

My name is Beth, and I am a workaholic

I say it with a smile but I do not say it lightly.

The Roman Steps

I close my eyes and take in the stillness.
Everything is so still
and everything is in flux.

Altar | Centring desire, full moon in Taurus

Can I listen?

Can I learn to listen?

“What would it look like, to centre desire?”

Fear of Space

I am so used to resting my identity on output.

100 ways to build a feminist online tarot shop

Part to-do list, part manifesto.


Altar | Autumn Equinox, waxing moon, the lessons of my year

the season is shifting. Wind blowing in the trees. Windows open, cool and dark. Awakening. Autumn calls.
What have you learned this year?

What is social capital? How can we be accountable to it as platform holders / business owners?

It’s an intangible currency that exists within communities and/or relationships, and thus an economy in itself. To a solopreneur establishing a platform, it is a source of power.

Altar | July’s Full Moon Eclipse, for connection & liberation

Every piece I have picked up along the way, whether I have noticed, treasured, rejected, reviled, dismissed, ignored or grappled with joyfully or with fear…has made me who I am. It is a tapestry, and it is not only mine.

Capricorn Full Moon

A small art piece to honour the themes of my Capricorn moon.

Exploring ‘abundance consciousness’

It is a feeling/knowing: I have enough. There is enough. I am enough. Can we apply this to business?

Altar | New moon in Taurus, may I be fully my self

May I let myself be enough,
exactly as I am.

Altars | New moon/full moon, stepping up & commitment

Two altars – to splurge it all out, then to refine and focus.

Framing the experiment

What feels best to me is grounding my business in my personal values. The experiment is about the relationship between my values and my work.

Grandmother, Witch & Shadow: Lessons on leadership from the Tarot of the Crone

“She weaves individual strands into a tapestry, creating common ground and common cause.” Ellen Lorenzi-Prince.

You are the tiny person, the cupped hand, and every moon

Linoprint and birthday poem for Em

Altar | Self-love, body-wisdom, dawn full moon

This altar is for my body-wisdom.
For listening.
For loving myself enough
to listen.

Altar | Imbolc, dawn, full blue moon

For what might emerge from January’s darkness. This moment is a pause
before the quickening of the year.

My business is a garden, not a line

Beginning to grapple with concepts of anticapitalist, feminist business.

Altar | New year, January, full moon in Cancer

If you need it: I see you, witch. Altar, 1st January, new year, full moon in Cancer The spell jar holds mugwort, wizened and curled, picked on new year’s eve from the Talyllyn steam train tracks, the day seven of us silently retreated together in Tywyn. Milky quartz from the…

I see you, Witch

I settled down on new year’s eve to make a vision board for 2018.. but this is what came out.

I read ‘The 4-Hour Work Week’ so you don’t have to

Last week was all about ‘productivity’. Or rather, alternative ways of thinking about getting stuff done. (Because the word ‘productivity’ makes me want to throw things, and at the same time – it’s good to get stuff done, right?) I shared a few ideas about getting stuff done on Little…

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